Camas Learning Center (CLC)

The Learning Center is dedicated to the improvement of academic achievement, self-esteem, social interaction and cultural pride of Native American students and community members.

The Camas Learning Center (CLC) provides in-school and after-school services Monday through Thursday from 3- 6:15 pm (weather permitting).  Students from 6th-12th grade and attend Cusick School District are eligible to participate in the program.  The CLC provides snacks along with a safe and fun environment for students to learn and spend time with their friends.  CLC staff work with teachers, parents, and students inside and outside of school to help each student be as successful as they can be.


Camas Learning Center
109 First Street, Cusick, WA
(509) 447-7140
(509) 445-0702
Hours: Monday–Thursday – Hours may vary seasonally