Education Services

Through partnerships with the community, we are determined to promote education, employment, health and wellness of our native people and non-native people throughout this region. The Camas Education Program provides educational opportunities for Kalispel Tribal members, Native Americans and the community at large.

CELC / Childcare

The Camas Early Learning Center, located within the Camas Center for Community Wellness is a premiere childcare and child education facility focused on the importance of each child. Our programs are designed to provide the physical health, safety and comfort for each child. 


Camas Learning Center (CLC)

The Camas Learning Center (CLC) provides in-school and after-school services Monday through Thursday from 3- 6:15 pm (weather permitting).  Students from 6th-12th grade and attend Cusick School District are eligible to participate in the program.  The CLC provides snacks along with a safe and fun environment for students to learn and spend time with their friends.  CLC staff work with teachers, parents, and students inside and outside of school to help each student be as successful as they can be.


Higher Education

Our Higher Education Program supports Enrolled Kalispel Tribal Members who are in good standing (2.0 gpa or better) achieve their higher education goals, whether it’s assistance with tuition, fees, books and supplies or tutoring. 


Tribal Library

The library, located at the Kalispel Career Training Center, offers Native American literature and videos, as well as resource materials. Leanna Pierre operates several activities throughout the year to keep students involved in reading.  Activities include book give-away gatherings sponsored by Scholastic Books.